Diary of a Genealogist

8. Oct, 2021

I have just finished two research projects. Both in Scotland. It's been a fascinating journey into the past of my clients. It's an area I'm not very familiar with and so an enjoyable glimpse at another part of the UK. Every project gives me a new learning experience. I find myself becoming involved with some of the individuals I'm researching, to an emotional level on occasion. For example, one woman I was following committed suicide, absolutely tragic.

I was amazed, although I should have known, just how much Scottish land English aristocrats owned.

I'm looking forward to my next project and working with my new client/s. I wonder where it will lead me...




20. May, 2020

I am pleased to say I have finished a direct line research project for a new client.

I had a lot of trouble with a Word document being created by my program The Complete Genealogy Builder. My son asked if I'd installed a new anti-virus, yes I had! After I'd disabled it, the program could create the ancestral report. I now have to proof read it before I send it off.

I wish I could download an anti-virus package for the world. This Covid-19 virus is so awful. I am given to wonder how our ancestors felt when beseiged by plague or sweating sickness for example. Life is infinitely unpredicable.

20. May, 2020

I've finished three research projects. One for a friend, one for a new client and one for a returning client. I will now continue to do some further research for my Dorset lines after being contacted by a relative in Canada. It's the perfect thing to do on a lock down rainy day:)

28. Dec, 2019

Today I updated my website. I hope it's more streamlined for my clients.

A month ago, I received my father's WWII army records, I am very much looking forward to researching his time in India now the rush of Christmas is over.

I am looking forward to researching new families in 2020. 

Wishing all who visit my website a very

 Happy New Year!!

9. Apr, 2019

Today I created a website. I am looking forward to meeting new clients in the future to delve into the past.