4. Feb, 2022

Talk to Local Group

I realise it's been a while since I've updated this blog. I have been a tad busy with research projects, grandchildren and now an exciting new event. I have offered to give a talk on genealogy to a local group at their coffee morning. I have finished it and hope they enjoy it and it inspires conversation around their histories.

I had decided to write about two ancestors, father and son, Onesiphorus Randall Senior and Junior, the focus changed however. They were on my paternal line, Onie Senior was born in Norfolk. Whilst brushing up on two of my ancestors after not looking at them for a few years, I discovered two women and a baby (I know, it sounds like a film!LOL), not humerous though. The two women were not related to me, however, and I know this is going to sound fanciful, but I felt as if they were calling to me across the years. They needed their stories told. If anyone would like a look, let me know.