28. Jun, 2022


A friend has asked me to advise him about adoption. He is an adult and was adopted when a baby. I had to admit, it was an area I know little about. I have managed to reunite a mother with her adult son, but that was not using adoption agencies; I had hit the jackpot when using the 1939 Register so I knew his birth mother was alive. This request from my friend however, wasn't as straight forward. I did narrow down his birth to one birth registration, it was the correct one! So now we know where he was born and who his birth mother is. I have tracked her down using Electoral Registers and nursing registers, to 1965, then she disappears. I cannot find her death, I cannot find her on a passenger list. I have found a potential marriage. I have messaged a decendent of this marriage, but have not received a reply. I now have forms that have been filled in to support his request to have his adoption papers as his original ones were destroyed. I am keeping everything crossed as he has not received counselling, I think it's law he needs to. At aged 59, he thinks he is quite able to make his own mind up about this! I agree.