28. Jun, 2022

Warwickshire Pub Tales

I've just returned from a week's break in Warwickshire. We stayed in 14thC building!!! Can you imagine how excited I was? I had to keep touching the stones and wooden beams:). We enjoyed a day at Kenilworth Castle and the Bosworth Battlefields Heritage Centre. I am now in love with the Bosworth Rose that was especially grown to commemorate Richard III being discovered in the Leicester car park. I will order a bare root for November. Anyway, moving on...
We were talking to the young woman who runs the local pub. She told us about rumours of a murder and suicide about 40 years ago. Well, I couldn't leave it could I? I donned my metaphoric detective gear and went to work. Within the hour, using newspaper reports on Find My Past, I discovered the tragic truth surrounding the malicious rumours. I emailed it to her yesterday. She's delighted and will print them off to display in the pub. I feel as if the story had to be found and the record put straight about the tragedy.
She also didn't know the history of the pub and could find nothing on Google. So, once again I got to work. I found evidence that the pub was medieval in origins, or at least the building was. I found it on the 1851 and 1911 census returns and the 1939 Register. I found a Licensee Index for 1801-1828 and all the licensees' and their bondsman for the pub.