THE FIRST HOUR IS FREE if paying by the hour!!




First Hour Free Per hour £12.00
Five hours Research You choose what person or people you want me to research, I will do as much as I can in five hours. Certificates/ PDFs charged at the stated price should it be necessary to order them. £50
1 Direct Line Spouses recorded. BMD and census information recorded. Up to two Certificates/ PDFs included. £145
2 Direct Lines As above. Up to four Certificates/ PDFs included. £270
Both Direct Lines + children and spouses I can research both your direct lines. I will record all children found and their spouses and children. All BMD and census details will be recorded. Up to six Certificates/ PDFs included. £500
PDF Downloads Birth, Death & Marriage Certificates £7.00
Certificates Certificates sent from the General Register Office £11.00
Printing 10p per sheet 10p
Tree Charts These will be outsourced.

I charge £12 per hour which is probably suitable for short research requests, the first hour is always free, so if a quick query, it may not cost you a penny! There are many variations of research, it's therefore hard to be prescriptive about pricing but I hope the above gives you an idea of what the costs would be. I am always happy to discuss your individual requirements and will return with a quote as soon as possible.

You can pay as you go. You can request further research on a particular person at any time.

I accept BACS payment as well as PayPal or cheque.